Hello world!

Usually, when you learn a new programming language, the first example is a “hello_world” program. Therefore, since this is my first post, I decided to use this rather cliche title.

I’ll be posting about topics in meteorology, especially associate with mountain weather, as well as progress in my PhD research, cloud pictures, and anything related to observed weather.

As a scientist, I make extensive use of a programming language called Python. I started programming in Matlab but after knowing Python I have to break up with the former.  Then, I will post about Python and some tips I have learned.

Please, feel free to send me feedback about any post. Since I’m not a native English speaker, comments about typos/wording/grammar are especially welcome.

If you find any original content in this website interesting and you’d like to use it, please send me an email. I’ll be glad to know that these stuff are useful to someone. Also, I’d appreciate referring to this site as the source.